When one kid seems like twenty

The Associate Press released today that the Duggars are expecting again. LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AP) — the TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting” may soon need a new name, Arkansas couple Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appeared on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday and announced they are expecting their 20th child in April (http://bit.ly/tVfmny ).

This would seem overwhelming to most parents. One kid alone can be a handful. But we can learn a lot from these oversized families.

Do you ever wonder how moms can deal with getting five kids ready in the morning? You may think they’re just organized… but that’s not the trick… they divide up the duties. Older kids help the younger- parents split up breakfast chores- and the parents get up first, giving themselves time while kids are still in bed. It’s more about running the house like a business… delegating duties… and not sweating the small stuff.

With one child the crayon on the wall seems more important than when you have three kids in diapers and there’s just more to worry about. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let it go and approach the crayon like you would someone messing up with a project at work. There is a process to fix it, logical steps to follow to change what has happened. Walk your child through these steps so they know how to fix what they messed up.

There will always be things to worry about, so don’t get caught up in the little things. And… when there is something bigger… get help. Don’t try to go it alone.