ADHD can stop your child from joining the military

An ADHD diagnosis can stop your child from joining the military

Did you know that a mental health diagnosis can stop a person from being qualified to join the military?

It’s true. Having an ADHD diagnosis on record will disqualify you from service unless you’ve met certain criteria including having a doctor reassess you, and being off medication for at least 12 months. It seems like a hefty price for trying to get help for children who struggle in school, especially when researchers are finding out that more and more children have been misdiagnosed.

A current University of Arizona study is researching the prevalence of children who have sleep apnea but have been misdiagnosed as ADHD. They’re estimating as many as 30% could fall into this category.

Another 30% of the kids diagnosed with ADHD have an undiagnosed learning disability. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to have issues processing information, then be given drugs to slow down that processing even further?

Before jumping to an ADHD conclusion it seems more prudent to work with a counselor to have an accurate diagnosis, and then attempt non-pharmaceutical interventions before the ADHD label becomes part of your child’s permanent record.