Isn’t it weird how pain makes us want to stop doing things?

Whether it’s the physical pain of arthritis or the emotional pain of a break-up, pain makes us want to curl up and pull the covers over our heads. Sit in the dark for days and days. Hope that it will be better tomorrow.

But that’s not why our body experiences pain.

Think about it…

If you stopped and held your hand still when you felt the burning of a hot pan on the stove, you would hurt yourself more.

If you left your hand in a piranha tank… you would be sorry.

If you left your foot under the tire after running it over… you get the point, right?

Pain tells us to move… get up and change something… don’t just sit there and let life happen to you- you need to make life happen.

Whether it’s going out with friends so you stop thinking about your ex or making yourself stretch every hour after tweaking your back, listen to your pain, make the changes you need.

If you’re immobilized by your pain, physical or emotional, counseling can help. A licensed therapist can help you work through it and find a way to keep you moving. Schedule an appointment today.