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Does My Child Have ADHD?

Instructions: answer ‘Yes’ if your child shows the following to a degree that is inappropriate for his/her age.

(no personal information will be stored… at the end you will be asked for an email address only to provide YOU with the results)


ADHD Screening Checklist For Children age 4-12


My child often cannot sustain attention to tasks or play, or is easily distracted.

My child often doesn’t listen, follow instructions, or finish tasks.

My child often has difficulty organizing tasks or loses things.

My child often runs about, climbs on things, cannot sit still, or fidgets with things.

My child often acts impulsively, fails to think before acting, or can’t wait.

My child is sluggish, drowsy, or unmotivated.

My child often daydreams, gets lost in thoughts, or appears “spacey.”

My child is forgetful.

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