Our Office Manager


 Maggie Chmiel

Maggie is here to welcome you and make you feel at home. She is our tech savvy, friendly, and compassionate office manager that will answer any questions you may have. She will make sure everyone that comes through our door is treated with kindness and respect. Maggie is the one that will schedule your first appointment, and answer any questions you have about billing.

Originally from Chicago, IL, Maggie moved to Tucson in 2016 to escape the brutal winters of Chicago.  When she’s not at our front desk, Maggie is out pursuing her passion for photography and a life on bikes. 2018 will be her fourth year participating in the annual AIDS/Lifecycle, a 545 mile non-profit bike ride from San Francisco to LA, raising money and awareness to not only end AIDS but to create a loving space where equality is the norm.


Our Therapists

Dr. Jessica Dorland MS MEd LPC DBH

Dr. Dorland is the Clinical Director at In One Peace and works with all the therapists to provide a unique and caring experience that meets the needs of each individual who enters our doors.

While receiving a degree in physiology, Jessica decided to focus on how the human body handles stress. Her senior capstone mapped theoretical pathways for the brain’s interpretation of stress as actual physical symptoms. After finishing her undergraduate work, she continued with a Master’s in education in order to work directly with an adolescent population. As a teacher Jessica has been able to work with individual teens on developing career skills and vocational abilities. Jessica also has extensive experience as a domestic violence counselor in a shelter where women and children came to start over. This experience manifests as a benefit for crisis and emotional issues as well as practical implementation of goal setting. These experiences have led her to the spiritual side of healing as well. Jessica has experience with the benefits of massage and acupuncture, and encourages the use of meditation to promote mental and physical health. After receiving a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling she has continued on to earn a doctorate in behavioral health from Arizona State University. As explained at ASU’s School of Letters and Sciences website, the Doctor of Behavioral Health, or DBH, is tailored to the emerging need for innovative behavioral clinicians who practice in primary care and medical settings. The DBH curriculum and practicum are designed to offer a unique blend of evidence-based behavioral interventions, medical literacy, health systems, and entrepreneurship skills that will meet the needs of the health-care, reform-driven marketplace. The explicit goal of this program is to graduate clinicians who can deliver and document interventions that produce clinical and functional improvement, patient and provider satisfaction, and cost-savings by decreasing overuse of medical resources and the cost of lost productivity to employers.

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Christine “Chris” Heinisch Associate Counselor, MC LPC NCC

In addition to being a counselor and psychotherapist, Chris is a long time (since 1992) student and practitioner of both meditation and Hatha yoga. Also she has completed the Nalanda Institute program and received the 2 year certificate. She knows deeply the power of mind-body practices. An expert in mindfulness, compassion and visualization based approaches.  Chris sees your challenges and with your help guides you towards self-discovery.

Chris earned her Bachelor’s degree from Shimer College in Chicago and her degree in counseling at Adam’s State University. Her current and latest dedicated area of study is working towards a two-year post graduate certificate program at the Nalanda Institute in Contemplative Psychotherapy (primarily Buddhist Psychotherapy). This program brings together the study of mindfulness, wisdom and compassion and practices of the visualization practices of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, with the research and science of western psychology.

Chris has experience as in the areas of Mindfulness, Compassion, Role-Modeling, CBT and SFBT and is interested in helping people struggling with depression, anxiety, substance use and more.  Chris is pleased to work with LGBTQIA community members, sex workers, yogis and meditators of all levels and with children and adolescents.

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Karen Schill, Counselor, MC, LPC

Karen Schill Is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She has over 20 years’ experience in the mental health and addiction field working with adolescents, individuals, couples and families. She has experience working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship issues, life transitions such as divorce, career/job changes and grief and loss. She has been trained in Critical Incident Stress Management and has experience working with survivors of community trauma and violence. She takes a client-centered approach utilizing Solution Focused Brief Therapy, CBT and Motivational Interviewing.

With a long history in movement modalities such as dance, aerobics, fitness training, Yoga, Qigong and more recently, energy work as a Reiki practitioner, she offers a holistic approach encompassing Mind, Body, and Spirit utilizing her skills, knowledge, education, and personal experience to facilitate healing and growth on a number of different levels. She also incorporates coaching, meditation, and guided imagery and visualization.

As Karen believes education and learning are life-long processes, she continues to read and attend seminars, workshops and classes to continually enhance her skills.

Karen is an intuitive, honest, caring counselor and a person with integrity, humor, and compassion.

Karen is passionate about working with and helping others wanting to make positive changes, increase satisfaction, navigate challenges, and enrich the overall quality of life.

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Danielle Breckenridge LPC

Danielle is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has over 20 years of experience providing counseling services in the Tucson Community. She has provided both in-patient and out-patient services for children, adolescents and adults.  Her clinical experience has involved treating depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief/loss, eating disorders and sexual abuse. Danielle earned her B.S degree in Child Development and her M.A. in Counseling and Guidance at the University of Arizona.

Danielle uses a client-centered approach and specializes in play therapy with younger clients. She enjoys working with people of all ages and cultures, and she strives to help clients improve their lives through coping skills, self-discovery, and mindfulness.

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Our Yoga Therapist

Tiffany Georgia, Yoga Therapy & Sound Healing, RDH, C-IAYT

Descending from a forgotten realm of fey and elves Tiffany entered our plane of existence to do one thing and one thing only: Instruct Yoga as it was meant to be instructed. When she isn’t teaching humanity how to live in their bodies she hovers through forests of the wild holding out a hand for deers and other wilderness animals to eat out of. Scholars claim she is the last eleven descendant on this earth and while she lives so does the magic of the world which she brings to you.

Tiffany has joined our team of therapists to provide private and group yoga therapy sessions which integrate an array of her favorite healing tools such as; yoga practices, meditation, breathing practices, yoga nidra, mantra and sound healing, crystal and gemstone therapy, and aromatherapy.

Tiffany earned her Associate of Applied Science degree from Pima Community College before finding Yoga and obtaining her 200 hour teaching certificate to then continue on her education path and pursue her 300 hour teaching certification in Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and has extensive experience offering yoga therapy as a supplemental healing technique to help manage; anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, addiction, in addition to many other physical, mental, and emotional health concerns.

Ask your therapist or our office manager how to make an appointment with Tiffany.


Our Massage Therapists

Stephanie Walker LMT

Stephanie Walker LMT has been employed at In One Peace since September 2016 and has worked with a wide variety of clientele here including young children and teens. Specializing in many modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology, pre-natal and Thai massage her main focus here is help clients ease their anxieties through focused relaxation massage. We all hold onto emotions even unknowingly in the muscle tissue. Stephanie will help you let them go and help you achieve mental clarity through her expertise in bodywork.

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Frank Bunevich LMT

Forged in the elemental chaos of fire and steel, Frank was gifted to the earth by God. His eyes are the portals to heavens mansions. His hair golden after basking in the sun while walking the rings of Saturn. He walks the earth in mortal form but his hands are the creation of relaxation incarnate.

A native Tucsonan, Frank earned his Massage Therapy License in 2014 and has taken extended courses in massage since then. His modalities include deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, and myofascial release.

Our Acupuncturists

Brian Lau  RN L.Ac

Brian Lau is a Licensed Acupuncturist with a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. He started his career with an Associates degree and then a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Northern Arizona University, and has over a decade experience working as a psychiatric registered nurse in the mental health and addiction field. Brian has worked with all age groups as a registered nurse, and it is his work as a nurse that lead him to discover the science and art of acupuncture and how effective it can be in healing and health. It is because of this discovery that Brian went on to attend the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine and obtained his Masters in both acupuncture and Chinese Herbs as well as a certification in the Chinese Body work form known as Tuina and earned the title of Diplomate of Oriental Medicine from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 


Albert Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” Brian does not like the idea of getting stuck as a healer, so this is why he constantly learns and finds new tools and skills to help others with. He strives to help others who are motivated to transform and renew their minds and not conform to the patterns that they can get sick and stuck in with their lives, emotions, and health. 




Jeffrey Kenney L.Ac

Jeffrey is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Arizona. He has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over 18 years. In addition to practicing acupuncture he also practices Medical Qigong. Medical Qigong is a profound healing technique, whereby the therapist, (rather than needles) influences the energy (qi) of the patient. Medical Qigong is one of the foundational pillars of Chinese medicine that can release long-standing deep emotional issues, or enhance an acupuncture treatment.

Using the art and knowledge of Chinese Medicine, and through many years of clinical work, Jeffrey has become effective in the release of physical, emotional, and energetic issues. Originally from Bethesda Maryland, Jeffrey recently moved to the state of Arizona, and now looks forward to bringing health and wellness to the greater Tucson population.


Guest Therapies

In One Peace is pleased to welcome Becki Garza with La Yerberia Botanicals into our space.

Becki began working with herbs in the mid-1990s when a college internship landed her on wildlife refuge identifying desert wildflowers and medicinal plants. She earned a degree in Biology and Environmental Science from Northern Arizona University and began her career as a science teacher, incorporating healing plants into her curriculum. While working as a high school biology teacher her class earned a grant from The Library of Congress American Folklife Center to study the use of Creosote bush by the Tohono O’odham people.

A practicing herbalist for over 10 years, Becki’s background in biology informs her work while her experience as an educator allow her to communicate herbal and health information to clients in ways that are both practical and motivating.

Becki recognizes that herbs can serve as useful tools for emotional and mental well-being, helping to address pain and stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and distraction, among other concerns. Herbal consultations provide an opportunity for individuals to review nutrition and lifestyle choices and their impact on health and healing.

Initial consultation, $120; follow-up appointments, $25. (Sliding scale and discounted fees are available.)

Three ways to schedule an appointment: