New Patient Inquiry During COVID 19 Pandemic

Finding a therapist to talk to under normal circumstances is difficult, and with the current state of the world it is even more so.

In response to the need for available therapy in during this time I am opening up my practice to accept new patients with the understanding that when life returns to ‘normal’ some adjustments may need to me made to keep everyone on my schedule. But we will all do the best we can do when that time comes.

I am under some requirements.

1- Patients of telehealth must be in Arizona when they receive treatment from me.

2- I need to have a signed release of information for an emergency contact of someone in the same home or someone who you have regular physical contact with outside the home.

3-All legal guardians of minors must be present for the first session and agree to therapy.

4- Confidentiality must be attempted to the best of your ability, even with minor children, the aspects of this will be discussed in the intake session.


5- At this time I am not able to work with patients who are dealing with addiction, substance abuse, custody issues, SMI diagnosis, personality disorders, minor children of persons diagnosed with SMI or personality disorders, or children of recently separated or divorced parents.

I will still continue to charge patents using a sliding fee ($150/session with up to 50% discount based on need). For families needing short-term therapy or who have affected directly by the COVID 19 pandemic a scholarship resource is in affect to allow for some additional aide.

To request an intake session, please email me through the site or at and provide me with information about who you are, who is seeking therapy, and what your availability is for an intake and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

-Dr. Jessica