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The Interplay of Acupuncture and Psychotherapy

The body and mind are full of connections (synapses, neurons, joints, tissues, organs, systems).  The body-mind also has an energy system.  By energy system, I mean that there is something we can’t quite see literally, but often operates outside of our ordinary awareness.   We feel this energetic system when we are tired, sick, injured, depressed, […]

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What I Learned from Speaking at the Body Love Conference

I’m lucky. What happened for me when I read Jes Baker’s letter to Abercrombie & Finch’s CEO happened very fast. I know it was a journey long before that time, but her energy flipped a switch inside me… I suddenly no longer cared what people thought or said to me (what they say to my […]

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Jessica has a Doctorate in Behavioral Health from Arizona State University; a BS in Physiology from the University of Arizona; MEd in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix; and an MS in mental health counseling from Capella University. She is a Licensed educator in Arizona, Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona, and a member of […]

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Managing your distress in the aftermath of a shooting

Managing your distress in the aftermath of a shooting You may be struggling to understand how a shooting could occur and why such a terrible thing would happen. There may never be satisfactory answers to these questions. We do know, though, that it is typical for people to experience a variety of emotions following such […]

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In the wake of tragedy

On Friday, December 14th, 2012 a gunman walked into a Connecticut elementary school and changed the way the nation looked at their child that night. In the wake of the most deadly school shooting most are stunned, and saddened, or even outraged. We wear these emotions and our children are affected by our response. There’s […]

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Surviving the Holidays When You’re Grieving

By Guest Author Sandy Green NCC LAC Don’t plan to skip the holidays.  It’s impossible to wish the day away.  It will come, no matter what you do.  Instead of trying to ignore the holidays and hiding your feelings, accept that it’s normal to feel sad and blue during these days.  Meet your feelings head […]

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Did you know that this week was Transgender awareness week?

Did you know that this week was Transgender awareness week? Transgender is an umbrella term for a diverse group of people whose gender identity or expression differs from societal expectations of how they should look, act, or identify based on the sex they were assigned at birth—a person’s innate identification as a man, woman, or […]

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The Misunderstood Effects Of Mental Health Disorders

As many as one in four adults suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder. Mental health disorders are personal, they limit people, and they are widely misunderstood by society. Even though doctors and researchers have made huge strides in their understanding and treatment of mental health disorders, there is still much more to be learned. […]

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Isn’t it weird how pain makes us want to stop doing things? Whether it’s the physical pain of arthritis or the emotional pain of a break-up, pain makes us want to curl up and pull the covers over our heads. Sit in the dark for days and days. Hope that it will be better tomorrow. […]

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“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

(Tich Nhat Hanh, 1926-p) It seems like human nature to struggle, persevere, and strive for happiness. It’s this goal that we long for. But what if we looked at happiness differently? What if happiness was the path, not the product? It is so easy to get caught up in the ideas of the future, what […]

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